The Yaumena Dialogues

What are the dialogues?

The Yaumena Dialogues are the first step towards making the voice of the youth heard on the most pertinent issues in the MENA region. Our team has completed a comprehensive analysis of debate, conference, and talk formats in order to include and synthesise the aspects that will be most conducive to a reciprocal dialogue between the parties involved.

Format of the Dialogue

The format of the dialogue is created to promote conversation between youth and trained experts in the chosen dialogue topic. The format pulls elements from traditional philosophical dialogues between students and teachers while integrating audience participation. A normal dialogue is divided into three sessions:

First Session:

At the beginning of the dialogue, the facilitator will introduce the guest and student speakers. This introduction will be followed by a 20 minute guest speaker’s presentation of the issue and any possible solutions. After the guest speaker’s lecture, one student will present his solution to the issue in 10 minutes. After the student’s presentation, the guest speaker and the two students will debate the pros and cons of the student’s solution for 20 minutes. It is during this section that the second student will take a more vocal role in analyzing the solutions offered by the first student. The conversation between the students and guest speaker will be mediated by the facilitator and will be followed by a short break. 

Second Session:

After the break, the audience will be split into 4 or 5 discussion groups for 20 minutes. The aim of the discussion groups will be to find a solution to the issue or raise points that they feel were not addressed during the talks and the dialogue. The groups will include a facilitator who will be a member of the Sciences-Po a Menton faculty or a member of the Yaumena team. At the end of the 20 minutes, the groups will elect a representative to express the ideas raised during the discussion session to the panel.

Third Session:

After the return of the discussion groups, the panel will reassemble to respond to the ideas raised by the representatives of each group. Once all the points have been addressed and hopefully a solution has been found, the facilitator will end the conference with a few closing remarks. The conference will then be followed by a lunch where members of the audience can continue conversing with the panel.