The Youth does not have the conscience of its power, is not aware of the importance of its voice. It is unique, it is important.
— Kevin Amato


What makes Yaumena a unique idea, is the possibility it gives to Youth from and fascinated by the Middle East and North Africa to deepen their knowledge about the region through their own initiative, while enabling them to share it with as broad an audience as possible. It is a medium to meet young artists and academics from the MENA, to hear their stories and learn from their experiences. However, above all, Yaumena is the declared intention to bring changeto the world that we know, so it gets a step closer to the world we want it to be.

The paths to achieving this ambitious goal are as manifold, as they are infinite, ranging from the political-legal dimension to the realm of the arts, in all its forms and appearances. Interventions of internationally recognised specialists on the region, paired with the curiosity and ambition of the Youth are at the core of Yaumena’s intellectual dynamic. Our association has the potential to converge ideas, to direct international attention on its younger generation, and to thereby permit the coming of a brighter future. Yaumena is a platform for understanding and learning differently. It is a platform to ask questions, to conquer answers and share ideas. A platform to hear voice of the Youth that so often goes unheard, and a medium to catch the Youth’s ambition for change.


The Yaumena Group was founded in 2014, during this most troubled of episodes in the history of the MENA region, determined and convinced that it was the moment to engage the Youth in the decisions that will shape our future



The 2015-2016 team

The 2015-2016 team

We are happy to present the team of 2016-2017, tasked to integrate the members of the association. If You want to join our ranks, and propose Your project, Yaumena is waiting for You!

Administrative Division : Maia Debs and Julian Vierlinger

Publications: Wiam Aimade et Alaz Ada

Artistic Direction : Théo Beauchamp et Silan Yüce

Communications : Juliette Loisel et Pierre Sudan

Secretary : Marie Tessonneaud